Favourite of the Week!

As Promised, this week I am going to do two favourites! Last week I slacked a little on the posting, partially because of work and partially because it was the holidays and I was travelling all around visiting my family.

The great thing about the holidays - in relation to this blog - is that I received a bunch of new products to try out, ones that I needed (re-purchases) and new things that I would have never thought of buying. So get ready for some exciting posts, I have a lot of fashion posts scheduled to come up in the new year, and more lifestyle pieces as well.

But lets talk about that later, today's post is a FRAGRANCE favourite. I know, I've never talked about fragrance before.

When it comes to fragrance I don't like anything too strong. In fact I don't like fragrance strong at all, if you want to know what I mean by strong I'm talking about Juicy Couture, Black Opium by YSL, Christian Dior Poison, Beyonce Heat etc. I mean they can be great perfumes to own for like a night out but I can't stand wearing a perfume that strong all day and constantly being suffocated be the smell or walking in a room and all anyone smells is me.

I like a perfume that is light, a little floral-ly but nothing too over powering. I can't quite explain my scent its just clean and sweet and yummy. For a while I have been using Daisy by Marc Jacobs, but as we all know after a while a fragrance can just kind of lose it's appeal. So for the past 3 weeks I have been looking and I found a really nice clean smell. The one I picked up is , who would have guessed it, Marc Jacobs, and it is the Daisy Dream. LOL okay before you judge me on buying a different version of the same perfume, go to your local Sephora and smell/compare them, they are completely different scents. Marc Jacobs just knows what hes doing.

This scent as stated on the Sephora website is "The fruity-floral fragrance has a light and airy touch, bursting with top notes of blackberry, grapefruit, and pear. The heart notes are introduced with a bouquet of jasmine, lychee, and blue wisteria, and a medley of white woods, musks, and coconut water reveal the base notes." It smells very sophisticated and it can last me all day, so I highly recommend.

So that is it for this favorites post, I hope you enjoyed, and until my next post I will talk to you guys later!

Nicole J