Backpacking Italy: Rome and Milan

For those of you who don't know, about a month ago my brother and I decided to backpack Italy together as a way to celebrate both of our birthdays, and honestly just to see more of the world. Backpacking isn't for everyone, in fact there were times where I absolutely hated it; not knowing where I was going, staying in hostels that were quite questionable, and always being on my feet. However, it ended up being an adventure that challenged me (in a good way) and had me walk out with a different perspective on life (cheesy, I know). It was raw and exhilarating seeing things I've never seen before and living life without a care. I think it's something everyone should at least try once in their life, if not twice ;)!

With that being said, along my travels last month, I decided to snap some photos. These pictures really can't do Italy a justice, every time I took a photo, I kept telling my brother "I wish it could capture what this really looks like". Nevertheless, I thought, instead of writing my experience, why not show you. These next three posts will be photo diaries of my time in Italy. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them :).