Anaïs Jourden Takes Us Back To School For SS20

This past week we had the ultimate privilege of watching Anaïs Jourden's Spring/Summer 2020 collection at a Paris gymnasium for Paris Fashion Week.

In fashion, showcasing at unpredictable locations is commonplace, each holding some sort of sentimental value to the designer. The gymnasium, of course, was no exception, with Designer Anaïs Mak stating in her runway notes, "Let’s go back to school, feed our hungry hearts with the wisdom of others. Let’s devour their words, play them back in our heads like a pop chorus". Made as a statement to return to traditional landscapes in order to reshape the future and relearn, it was a powerful statement and gave us a sense of building a brighter future full of acceptance.

Showcasing a range of tailored and flowy looks, sheer and lace played with feminity which, as the designer, stated was used to "reclaim the overtly feminine, the awkward and the glamorous." In the collection, metallics also played a major role, from foiled greens to blues, patches of silver hearts covering the breast, in addition to metallic polka dot detailing.