Steven Lejambe Stuns With Tule and Pastel For Spring/Summer 2020

Exploring an array of dreamy pastel tules and extravagant, voluminous hot pink skirts, Steven Lejambe made a monumental, inaugural appearance at Toronto Fashion Week this past Tuesday.

For Spring/Summer 2020, Lejambe channeled his classic feminine flair and fused it with the colors and playful nature of the upcoming seasons. Bringing to life a collection both whimsical and empowering - his creativity and eye for unique silhouettes emulated one of the best runways we've seen in Toronto.

Photo Credit: George Pimental

This year in his hometown of Toronto, Steven Lejambe shared an array of spectacular gowns that pulled neutral tones in addition to pops of spring inspired colors like pink, orange, yellow and blue. From mini dresses, to slender form fitting numbers, to more abstract pieces the presentation had guests talking well after the show was complete. Pieces that most graciously stood out to us were the layered tule gowns. A pastel yellow and a pastel blue ended the runway, partial sheer elements, with cinched shoulder straps and a plunging V. As the models fluttered down the runway, Lejambe emulated both a dreamy and spring inspired ambiance.

Photos by: George Pimental

Lejambe is most notably known for his take on the elegant and modern woman. Each of his iconic gowns are designed and hand crafted in Toronto intentionally telling a story that resonates with a particular moment in his life. For more on Lejambe and his latest collections visit