Trend Watch: Tracksuits

All I have to say is YAY for tracksuits! As a stylist, I am so happy to see them back and on trend for 2019.

First emerging on the runway in 2017 tracksuits have had a very prominent 2 years in the fashion industry, so it's no surprise they're coming in full force this year. What's great about this "retro" classic trend (yes the 80's are retro!) is that this is one staple in fashion that we can really have fun with and make our own. From full blown slush pant, 80's workout, VHS tape tracksuits to Kappa (which is 90's so not too old yet ;)) to futuristic looking Yeezy suits, there is so much we can do.

Today, in order to help you style your tracksuit and rock it like the runway, I'm giving you my top tips, let's start.

1. Balance

If your wearing baggy pants then maybe opt for a zip up sweater option worn open with a crop top so that you're not drowning in the outfit. When wearing a tracksuit, it's all about balance. Find what works for you and that flatters your figure in a way that your comfortable with.

2. Don't Be Afraid To Match

Picture a cobalt blue Kappa matching tracksuit, why not up your street style game and add a blue beanie and blue fanny pack? maybe even blue sneakers? It might sound like a lot but matching colors and going for a monochrome look is a trend that we've been seeing all over the runway.

3. Mix and Match

You can swap out pants or tops for different materials and still call it a tracksuit. In the picture above that has my own styling of a tracksuit, it's actually not a matching set. The bottoms are slush pant material and the top is fleece, if you play your colours mixing and matching can actually tie together quite nicely.

4. Stick To Your Gut

If you want to get on board but aren't the type to go all out or it just isn't your style to be in blue head to toe, just stick with classics. There is nothing wrong with an all black nike tracksuit and simple white sneakers (air force 1's are my go to).

I hope you have fun and take FULL advantage of this while it's here because this is hands down the comfiest trend on the runways right now.