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Winter is here, so dress for it.

Winter has finally arrived! For those of you who live somewhere down south with those warm-ish winters, it might be an exciting time for you! A time of not so humid weather festive lights, and holiday parties, I ENVY YOU.

For those of you, however, who are living in the arctic like I am (Ok I live in Canada but aren't they really the same thing anyway???), winter is that dreaded time of the year where it hits -30 and you feel like your fingers are going to freeze off. ...So I thought in honor of this WONDERFUL *sarcasm* cold weather I decided to pull together some MUST HAVE pieces that are stylish and lessen the times you think to yourself "do I have frost bite?”

Lets begin!

The first piece is an obvious staple, and that is a coat. With the really cold weather you need a coat that is well insulated, protecting you from the freezing wind and keeping you warm. Wool coats are a great option, they can be really thick and very sturdy which keeps you all bundled up. With a coat, it is really important to look at the quality not at the price tag, which I know can be impossible at times, however a coat should be a staple piece that will last you years, essentially it is an investment. The coat I have chosen for this post is a “Cocoon Coat” more specifically the Stadium Cloth Cocoon Coat (Regular & Petite). These have been hitting the racks lately and I love the simplicity of them. They’re large so you can layer and again really sturdy meaning, no wind is going to penetrate through it.

This second coat is an alternative option, same thing going on with the wool material, however this coat has a faux fur lined hood for those who have to endure lots and lots of snow! This coat is the Wool Blend Duffle Coat with Faux Fur Trim Hood by Vince Camuto.

The second piece is a hat, and let me tell you, I FREIKEN LOVE THIS HAT. It is so cute and so stylish you honestly can’t go wrong with this purchase. This Eton Slouchy Hat is also priced pretty reasonably, I mean I’m sure you can find similar hats a cheaper price, but the quality of this specific hat is awesome, it's sure to keep you warm on those cold winter nights.

The third items that are essential for winter are two pairs of boots. I actually selected two because there are two routes you can go with a boot. If you're located more in the city and are not going to be dealing with a lot of snow, then a huge chunky boot might not be what your looking for which is option one the Yale Chelsea Boot. The second boot is for those of you who have to deal with lots of snow on a regular basis or if it is just really freiken cold where you are, so you need that extra insulation. The perfect boot for you then is my favorite the UGG 'Adirondack II' Waterproof Boot.

The fourth and final piece is of course a big comfy sweater because what else screams WINTER?

When looking for a sweater it is important to look at the QUALITY, I know I keep bringing up quality but I can't stress enough how important it is in the winter. When temperatures drop you want to know that, that new coat you bought is going to last.

With that, I'm going to get a little side-track here, I also realize that quality can sometimes equate to pricey, because a lot of the clothing that I suggest is on the pricier side. I understand that a lot of people viewing my blog might be on a budget because you are a student or just don't want to spend that much on shopping, which is why I will introduce to you SMART shopping: spending more on great quality items that will last you longer than cheap poor quality items. I will always/only suggest great quality, because I believe that your money should be spent on things that you can get real value out of. I think it is important to spend your hard earned money on something that will last and that you can truly benefit from, I mean you work your butt off to get that money. Is a 15$ sweater that doesn’t keep you warm and lasts a few months really worth it? It may seem like a good bargain at the time but a few months down the road you’ll realize why it was so cheap. SMART shopping allows you to buy the 300 dollar coat and then use it for the next 5 years. You pick up what I'm laying down? GREAT!

SO, enough with my rambling and back on the topic of the sweaters. I picked this Silence + Noise Easton Mock Neck Sweater as well as BDG Waffle-Knit Turtleneck Sweater . They are both thick knit sweaters that are comfortable, nothing over bearing and nothing that will completely get rid of your shape. These sweaters add texture to your outfit and are fitted in a way that most over-sized sweaters are not, in addition they are SOOOO WARM, and at a good price point!

WELL, that completes this post on warm and cozy winter attire. I hope you enjoyed my suggestions, and have a little more insight on how you can be more prepared for those cold months ahead. So get shopping and show winter who's boss

Until the next post ,

Nicole J.

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