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Let's Talk Cleansing

We’ve all heard about cleansing at some point or another. Whether it be through our friends or ads on T.V., cleansing has really remained this allusive practice that a lot of people hear about but don’t fully understand.

Thanks to the media, cleanses are typically thought of as a short-term weight loss wonder, or a fast track method to de-bloat. But a cleanse is so much more than that.

After sitting down with holistic nutritionist, Linda Murphy, I thought it would be important to talk a little bit about what cleansing is, and the miraculous changes it can have on your body.

For starters, there are many different types of cleanses that target different parts of the body. However, the general mission of these cleanses are the same, and that is to make sure your organs work efficiently.

Cleansing has been a practice used for decades by various cultures, to refresh, nourish and awaken the body. It’s all about feeling your best in your body, from the inside out.

A cleanse is meant to “de-clog” your organs and flush out all the harsh toxins and chemicals that enter our bodies. Because whether we are aware of it or not, we deal with a lot of toxins in our everyday lives, and they can really take their toll on our bodies.

So now that we’ve got the definition of a cleanse is covered, let’s talk benefits.

1. Increase in energy

When you cleanse, you're getting rid of all the toxicity in your body. All the sugar or gluten or whatever you've been eating that made you energetic for one minute and crashing the next, is being replaced by healthy natural energy that will make you feel vibrant and healthy for longer.

Not to mention. A cleanse will eliminate toxic build-up that makes it easier for nutrients to get back into your blood stream. A.k.a more energy for you!

2. Building a healthy immune system

The number one purpose of a cleanse is to get your organs working efficiently. When you cleanse you remove all the built-up waste in your body, and your organs can work the way they are supposed to, healthily. This will help your immune system to better absorb what you are taking in.

Especially in-regards-to a liver cleanse, a healthy liver is crucial for a healthy immune system.

3. Eliminating liver stones

This is specific to a liver cleanse, and it is one of the benefits that I didn't know even existed until I had a conversation with Linda Murphy, Holistic Nutritionist at Best Body 4 Life. Liver stones come from cholesterol and other toxins mixed with bile, that has become congested and trapped in the liver. Which makes it hard for the liver to detoxify. A cleanse will eliminate toxic build-up that makes it easier for nutrients to be metabolized. This will help your digestive system absorb what you are taking in.

Many people don’t even realize they have liver stones until they do a liver cleanse, one person can pass hundreds or thousands of stones. Talk about toxic!

4. Losing weight short-term, and long-term

In the media, the focus is usually around the short-term effects of weight loss. Of-course cleansing your system will eliminate any immediate water weight, but what's often forgotten about is the long term affects you can gain from cleansing.

A lot of people think that they can cut calories or eat healthier and the weight will just fall off. For some that can be true, but for the vast majority it's not. Our bodies are all different, they function differently, they require different nutrients and processes.

As I learned again from talking with Linda, one of the top reasons why people can't lose weight is because their body is clogged with unhealthy or damaging waste. It no longer becomes about what food you put into your body, but the way your body processes that food. Doing a cleanse that’s right for your body can help you achieve the results you want not just short term - but long term.

If you haven't tried a cleanse before or this is your first time hearing about it, I highly recommend you try it out. These are only four of the many benefits you get from doing a cleanse. Not only will you see a physical difference but you’ll also feel a major internal difference.

Before doing a cleanse however it’s important to identify the type of cleanse your body needs, which is why I highly suggest making an effort to see a professional. A holistic nutritionist can help you get started on your health journey at any time in your life! Take Best Body 4 Life for example, they’re a brand completely focused on holistic health, teaching the triad of optimal health, well-being, nutrition, supplementation, and fitness.

Not only are they amazing at what they do but you can tell that Best Body 4 Life is run off of passion and dedication to help you become the best version of yourself. Providing you with permanent lifestyle changes that are simple and easy.

For more information on Best Body 4 Life, you can visit their website here: http://bestbody4life.ca/

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