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Box Your Way to Your Dream Bod!

I just want to start out by saying that I have been a loyal boxing gym member long before this rampant boxing craze fired up over the past few months. Granted, my sole reason for choosing a boxing gym was because it was the cheapest fitness location near my house. A true blessing in disguise. For a quick $49.99 I am granted unlimited 24 hour access to a slightly run down warehouse gym with questionable cleanliness, and all male gym companions who sweat and grunt without any remorse. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting a rush of endorphins just thinking about it!!

Unfortunately, the sweaty inconsiderate men aren’t enough to keep me coming back - but the boxing classes have me begging for more time and time again! Any “Tell All to Achieve a Victoria Secret Model Body” article will tell you that boxing is the main culprit of their wash board abs and killer tricep definition! Heck I bet Michelle Obama herself owes her body success to some well spent time in the ring – I know core stability when I see it and that woman most DEFINITELY has it.

Boxing will whip your body into shape in no time at all because it combines high intensity cardio with strength training. Not to mention it’s so fun and all-encompassing you forget you’re even working out!

If you aren’t 100% sold on throwing on your gloves and hitting the ring, here are my top 5 reasons to try out a boxing class:

1. Fat burning: You can burn 500 calories per boxing session. From an ex treadmill queen I can tell you this is a wild burn rate. An added bonus is that because boxing implements high intensity cardio training your body will reap the calorie burning benefits hours after you leave the ring!!

2. Tone without the bulk: The punching and kicking in boxing uses fast repetitive movement that builds muscle tone without the muscle bulk that results from weight training or body building. Boxing produces lean and toned bodies as we can see from the typical VS model physique – so if that’s what you’re striving for boxing is the workout for you!

3. Stress relief: I am the most neurotic high anxiety person but after a boxing class I experience brief moments of calmness and clarity. Once I get past the anxiety brought on by the concept of group fitness I literally lose myself in the upper jabs and am able to let out the stresses of my day on the boxing bag and leave it all in the ring.

4. Increased core stability: In the age of crop tops and bikini mirror pics there is literally nothing more important than a strong core. Anything that causes you to fight for stability is ultimately engaging your core and building muscles in your abdomen.

5. Improved confidence and self-esteem: Working out in general causes you to release endorphins and ultimately feel better – but after completing a boxing class specifically, I walk out of that ratchet gym feeling like a huge badass – and as I walk to my car in the poorly lit, slightly treacherous gym parking lot I feel that much more confident that I would be able to fight off any unwanted predators!

As much as I hate to give away the secret to my rocking body – I do truly hope these perks will inspire you all to give boxing a try! If you live in Toronto check out these boxing gyms to fire up your holiday bod!!

United Athletics Centre: Bloor and Dufferin – If you want something trendy to Instagram while simultaneous shredding your body until it’s nothing but muscle mass I would highly recommend this facility.

Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club: Dundas and Carlaw- All about inclusivity and has been providing boxing classes for women and trans people for 20 years !!! Get in shape without letting the patriarchy get you down !!!!

And finally, if fighting the patriarchy and Instagram esthetic aren’t your top concerns (or on your radar at all) then the boxing gym I attend will be the perfect fit for you! – Bloor Street Fitness: Bloor and Dundas & Dupont and Bathurst.

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