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What The Women Behind Avenue24 Want For Valentines Day

Tis the season for love and getting chocolates! Valentines Day is 2 days away and if you're still struggling to find the love of your life something, the girls at Avenue24 might be of some assistance. Last week I asked them to tell me what they want for Valentines Day and why, to give you some insight on what some women REALLY want and to get a little closer to the lovely women at Avenue24.

Some wanted luxury gifts (me), others wanted something more meaningful, regardless, here is what the women behind Avenue24 want for Valentines Day:

Divin: Feature Writer

Last year for Valentine’s Day, we ordered a heart-shaped pizza from Pizza Pizza and watched the Bachelor. It was low-key and relaxing and perfect. When thinking of gifts for this year, I am all about experiences rather than things for presents. I love PaintNite because you don’t have to have an artistic bone in your body to have fun at it – your painting will still be a masterpiece thanks its step-by-step nature. PaintNite can be a romantic activity with your significant other or you can still have fun with your gal pals. My favourite part – you get to paint in a bar or restaurant and enjoy a pint while you do it!

Jacquie: Feature Writer

One Saturday morning last year around Valentine’s Day I was creeping the Glory Hole Toronto’s Instagram page as one does at the crack of dawn on their day off – and came across the most IDEAL V-Day gift for your special hunni! See below!! For anyone who doesn’t know, Glory Hole is Toronto’s number one donut shop located in Parkdale! They have several unreal and unimaginable flavours, my personal favourite being the Toast and Butter donut. I truly can’t think of anything better than knowing someone paid a quick $50 to send me ½ dozen donuts!!! Chivalry is not dead!! So if you’re in a pinch to find a thoughtful, considerate and very meaningful gift for the lover in your life I would highly recommend submitting your order to Glory Hole ASAP. ☺

Nicole : Founder and Creative Director

I am so the wrong person for this article, but alas here I am. I'm not picky with my gifts I'd literally accept a hand-me-down if you justified it enough and gave it some meaning. So for Valentines Day, I would want something to commemorate who I was spending it with so I'm going to say either a collage of photos, a box of aesthetically pleasing flowers, or a necklace that has some sort of symbolic meaning. I feel like as long as you can put meaning behind the gift you've got 10 for 10.

Daniella: Feature Writer

I am a sucker for the classics; flowers and chocolates are necessities on Valentine’s Day. A bouquet of roses is beautiful, and although they have become a Valentine's Day staple - they can get pricey and don’t last very long. This year, I’m asking for an upgrade. My perfect gift? A plant.

There are so many benefits to choosing plants over flowers. Potted plants are less expensive than flowers, just as beautiful and say “I love you” a lot longer. You can change up their planters to make it an accent piece in any room, and it also requires a little TLC which can be very relaxing to plant owners. Not only are they super trendy, they also filter toxins from the air and release pure oxygen. They are a great way to bring fresh air in, especially in the middle of winter. Plants are the perfect decorating piece in a home, with a reminder of the Valentine who gave it to you.

So, boyfriend if you’re reading this, I would never refuse a little chocolate, but I would be totally satisfied with working on my green thumb.

Alexis: Feature Writer and Communications Lead


When diamonds are overdone and chocolate is cheaper the day after Valentines Day anyway, Anne Helen Petersen explores what it means to be an "acceptable" woman. .. and all the successful, inspirational women who have done just fine being no where close to what society wants them to be. Bonus points if you read the book before you give it to me.

Mursal: Feature Writer

The only thing I want for Valentines Day is for my mom to feel loved and appreciated. My mom is a hopeless romantic, and although her children serenade her with gifts, it may not feel the same as her one true love Matthew McConaughey showering her with gifts. I hope she knows how much she is loved. Happy Valentines Day, mom! I love you.

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