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Grandma’s Nighttime Routine !!

Now that I’m a working woman with a set schedule of 9-5 I’ve completely transformed into a full on grandmother (or become the best version of myself, I don't even know). Within the past couple years I’ve nailed down the perfect night time routine to wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated! My skin has never looked better! I’m glowing from the inside out!! And I’m ready to bestow my knowledge upon you, my sweet little grasshoppers, so please take note.

Since the young age of 5 I’ve been a huge fan of adhering to a reasonable bedtime. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again there’s absolutely nothing that fire’s me up quite like a well maintained circadian rhythm. The key to waking up feeling ready to take on the day comes from PURE SCIENCE!!! Training your body to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day is probably the best gift you can give yourself. Since I wake up everyday at 6:30am for work I go to bed around 10:30-11!!!! YA THAT’S RIGHT YOU HEARD ME!

Here is a comprehensive list of the steps I take pre-sleep:


I usually work out every night (I know, bow down I am a fitness queen) so I shower right after the gym. I use $3 shampoo so I’m not going to divulge any of the specifics of my shower routine, because it’s not GLAM and that’s not the woman I want my fans to think I am.

Face products

This is where things get juicy. I think my skin has been really blossoming lately. Placebo effect or not I’m not about to rule out the possibility that is has something to do with the overpriced skincare regime I’ve adopted.

I use the Clinique Take the Day Off makeup removing balm in the shower to take off my makeup. All it takes is small little drop and it truly does get the job done.

Next up I deep clean my pores with the Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoiliating Facial Wash which I LOVE. Washing my face with this is hands down the most invigorating thing I do all day! Not to mention I’m about 30% sure my black heads have reduced in size since I started using this product!!!

I’ve been really obsessed with the brand The Ordinary just like every other well respected skin care enthusiast on a budget. I use the Salicylic Acid 2% treatment every night (and some mornings) to help with any acne outbreaks I may be experiencing. Over that I layer up on the Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane and pray to god it’ll reduce any pre-mature FINE LINES to help tie me over until I can afford some botox up in here.

The final thing I have started doing which I recommend to anyone who wants to be considered a “hottie” is apply lash growth serum! I was skeptical at first too but I saw the results FIRST HAND through my beloved mother whose lashes grew like weeds after using some good old fashion FLASH LASH. Much like anything in life you have to trust the process and hold out for a good 1-2 months before you’ll notice any dramatic results. I apply one coat every single night before bed and my lashes look better than ever!


Every other night I apply gradual tanner – Jergens Natural Glow - which I’ve written an entire blog post on. The nights that I don’t apply fake tan I like to moisturize with the Brazilian Bum Bum cream that you can buy from Sephora. I’m absolutely swooning over this product. It literally smells unreal. In my darkest hours I find myself sitting on the floor with my sweaty little hands grasping on to the little jar as I inhale the sweet sweet scent.

Mental Health

I will admit I don’t do this EVERY night but something I like to do is write in my 5 Minute Journal before bed! It is scientifically proven to improve your life if you reflect on the negatives and positives of each day. Spending 3-5 minutes filling in a 5 minute journal can really help me feel more in control of my happiness! (if you don’t know what a 5 Minute Journal is then google it because it will change your life!)

Wind down

Now that your body is clean, your face is clean, and your mind is refreshed it’s time to wind the F down and chill the F out! I have an entire set up going on in my humble abode. I’m talking salt lamps, twinkle lights, and of course some scented candles - and if I’m really trying to treat myself right than you bet I plug in the air diffuser!! I like to either watch a tv show or read a book as I dose off for bed.

Another trick I’ve found really useful for maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is plugging my phone in overnight on the opposite side of my room. This helps me get out of bed in the morning (because I have to physically leave my bed to turn off my alarm) and inhibits me from staying on the gram until the wee hours of the night!! I would highly recommend giving it a try!

I hope these night time tips inspire you to get your act together and find a routine that gives you balance and helps you wind down and end your day on a good note every night!

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