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How To Make Your Side Hustle A Full Time Gig.

I feel like everyone that I meet in Toronto has a side hustle. They’re working that grueling 9-5 or sometimes 9-9 just so they can afford to keep their side thing going.

Whether it's starting their own marketing firm, becoming a photographer, or even creating their own magazine there are so many people logging in those extra hours so they can pay for equipment or to fund their next trip.

Although I find myself in awe at the determination, in some ways it can also be defeating knowing that you aren't the only "side-hustler" out there, and that there are so many people putting in 150% to make it a full time gig.

I often find myself wondering, in a world full of driven and passionate people, how can you ensure that your side gig turns into a full time thing? From my experience and from some others here in Toronto, here are the top tips to make your side hustle a full time gig:

Make Sure You’re Passionate About It

You’re side gig won’t be successful if it isn’t something you are passionate about. Side hustle's are no joke, you have to be willing to commit to working day in and day out, on your off days, on holidays, on good days, on bad days, and you won't want to do that if it isn't something you're passionate about.

Love what you do and the rest will follow.

Stay Consistent

This is probably the best piece of advice I had ever gotten that I really didn’t know the value of until I started doing it. Consistency is the key to gaining a large following or for simply perfecting your craft. Whether you are a photographer, actor, business mogul, or whatever, staying consistent will benefit you in one way or another.

Whether your work is online or offline, staying consistent can help raise awareness, generate a large following, improve your skills, polish your portfolio, and help you gain more clients. The more consistent you are the better your odds are of getting recognized.


My dad always used to tell me growing up that if I wasn’t willing to work for what I wanted, someone else would - and they could probably do what I do 10x better.

I know, you’re probably thinking “wow morbid” but it’s true. There are billions of people in this world, many of who have the same interests, same drive, and same capabilities, so what makes you different? Hustle will make you stand out, it’s never backing down and going after what you want and putting your whole self into it.

If you’re looking to make it with your side gig you have to be prepared to work a lot of long hours and on days where you might not want to. Although you might be exaughsted at first

Don’t give up

I think all of the aforementioned points really boil down to this one; Don’t give up.

You’re side gig will get to where you want it to go. Just remember, if you stop or if you give up, you'll never know where you could have gone. You only have one life, so what makes you happy and what your passionate about and you'll flourish.

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