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What Your Favourite Tea Says About You

Image source: https://www.instagram.com/davidstea

Lovers, addicts, and tea enthusiasts alike — you know exactly what we mean when we say tea is probably the most incredible drink out there. It comes in a variety of flavours, often has healing powers, and you can drink it without having to worry about the dreaded calorie count. If you’re tea-obsessed like us, you probably have a favourite that you can’t seem to switch up every time you stand in the tea aisle at the grocery store. Do not fret! You’re not the only one and as it turns out, your tea can say a lot about who you are as a person.

Want to know that your tea says about you? Keep on reading to find out.

Earl Grey

Whether you drink it black for a burst of energy, or in classic “London fog” style with steamed milk and vanilla, this black tea is simple and familiar. If your choice is an earl grey, you’re likely hardworking and energetic, always keeping crowds smiling in new and old social circles. Like the earl grey, you don’t need a lot of fancy appeal to attract friends. Your warm personality gives you natural confidence as you are, and just like your favourite tea, you’re very versatile and easy going. Just don’t forget to take small breaks from time to time and focus on yourself!

English Breakfast

This black tea has been a classic for a long time. You’ve definitely been served a cup of english breakfast tea with AND without milk and sugar — yet no matter how you drink it, you always enjoy it. You know exactly what you want and how to get it. It’s likely that you find yourself reflecting about your decisions in advance, just to make sure that everything goes how you envision it. You try to steer clear of trends so as not to veer away from the path you plan to follow. Your simple choices stem from your sophistication and need for calmness, and it works great for you. Why change something good? Keep drinking that perfect cup of english breakfast, girl-friend. Or boy-friend… we know men love their teas too!

Green Tea

Namasté. So your tea of choice is a green tea — healing, refreshing, low caffeine, and served best with no fuss (AKA no milk or sweeteners). You’re likely a health nut, constantly conscious of the food and drink choices you make so you don’t feel low-energy for your workout session later. Or you simply like to be aware of your body/mind connection so have the ability to think straight and stay true to yourself. You’re a down to earth person but you’re not afraid to follow trends if they’re practical and can work in your favour. Sometimes you may feel stress or agitation that you work hard to avoid. So, green tea is the perfect choice due to its healing and meditative qualities… especially if you’re someone who needs to get a good night’s sleep in order to function.

White Tea

If white tea is your favourite, you probably don’t like to follow trends. You do things your own way and that makes you stand out amongst others. White tea has a lot of the same benefits as green tea; both are earthy and subtle so you’re likely looking for a healing and refreshing drink to keep you connected with your surroundings, your mind, and your body. You make decisions based on your sociable nature, and you’re usually the conversation starter. You find joy in new beginnings so your creative side is always on — which means you observe what others tend to miss and find opportunities in unconventional places. Something great is always coming your way. Make sure to use it to your advantage!

Peppermint Tea

Ahhh, minty fresh. Peppermint tea is caffeine-free, but drink this miracle worker if you need a tummy soother, breath freshener, or an instant stress-reliever. Your personality is just as refreshing and sweet as your cuppa, and it’s probably been a while since you’ve found yourself caring too much. You’re currently living the zen life and you’ll never be embarrassed to go outside in your pyjamas and slippers (it’s chic). The peppermint tea lover’s intelligence is one of a kind, but you’ve likely never put in full effort to use it to your advantage… which is totally okay as long as you’re happy! Just keep reading those books. Knowledge is power!

Flavoured Herbal Tea

Hibiscus, rooibos, lemon verbena, ginger, raspberry… you name it. If it’s fruity or tangy, you’ll drink it. If this sounds like you, you probably need a coffee in the morning but you’re not the type of person who relies on tea for your caffeine fix. You don’t need to unwind with a cup of tea but you can appreciate the delicious herbs and spices as you sip and fulfil your sweet tooth. You’ll drink it hot, cold, possibly even mixed with lemonade, sugar — maybe your own version of a long island iced tea? Just like you, your tea choice is fun and flexible. You like to spice up your life by trying new things and going on adventures frequently. Most of the time you’ll need a friend to share the experience, but every so often you’ll do something daring that might drastically change your life. Life’s too short not to take chances!


You prefer a mild, caffeine-free tea. Often you’ll go for a chamomile tea because you just need to get some restful sleep after a long day or your stomach is churning. But sometimes you find yourself craving a cup to keep your brain and body chemically balanced throughout the day. The chamomile lover is wise beyond their years and attracts everyone around them with a unique aura of calmness, clarity, and understanding. Your friends come to you with problems often, because you’re a great listener and are capable of instantly creating a positive environment with your peaceful character. You don’t even have to say anything — you just smile, hug, and heal wounds. Don’t hesitate to share any worries you may have with your friends as well.

Chai Tea

Chai tea is unique in its notes, flavours, and aroma. It’s a bold and exotic black tea with Indian herbs and spices such as cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, ginger, and cloves. Often enjoyed with steamed milk or even iced, chai is very versatile. If it’s your tea of choice, you’re likely an energetic person, and dare we say… “a strong independent woman!” (Or man, of course.) Compassion and kindness comes naturally to you and you have the biggest heart. But you can also be very sassy. You’re not afraid to speak up for yourself and others, and there’s no way anyone is going to “accidentally” ridicule you. You take what you want and are prideful about your transparency. It’s a great quality to have and will eventually take you far, but make sure you listen to what others have to say along the way too.

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