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Netflix Characters Who Became Fashion Icons

Growing up, I’m sure many of us were inspired by the things we saw on TV. Especially with the emergence of Netflix, TV series have had a huge influence over us and it doesn't help that the fictional life on television seems all the more glamorous no matter what problems arise for each character. They always seem to be dressed immaculately.

Today we're looking at fashion inspo from some iconic Netflix beauty queens who inspire us to slay the game every day.

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

Of course, the Queen Bee from the Upper East Side made it on this list. While Gossip Girl revolved around drama and featured many fashionable characters, Blair Waldorf definitely stole the show with her personality and style. An heiress and daughter to a fashion designer, it’s no surprise that Blair was raised in a life full of luxury, only wearing designer brands and even going on to become CEO to her mother’s fashion house years later. She often has a very polished and classy preppy look, and mostly wears dresses and skirts as opposed to pants. A signature accessory to her look is the different types of headbands she wears for most outfits. Throughout the series, Blair makes it apparent that she relies on fashion whenever times are rough; as Blair once said, “Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness, didn’t know where to shop.”

Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens

Despite the show’s short run, Scream Queens was still considered popular amongst the mainstream crowd, mainly due Chanel Oberlin’s ridiculous one-liners and outfits. As the Queen Bee of a sorority house, Chanel always dresses in the trendiest and most upscale outfits no matter where she is, often donning pearls and fur coats with them. While she wears pops of colour here and there, Chanel is mostly seen wearing pink and white in most of her outfits.

Cher Horowitz from Clueless

With her iconic yellow plaid suit and Calvin Klein dresses that many people know by now, Cher Horowitz has inspired fashion trends since the ‘90s. Due to her wealth, Cher tends to flaunt her popularity with many different outfits thanks to her computerized closet, and is aware of her good sense of style when she tries to give friend and newcomer Tai a makeover. As her step-brother Josh says, Cher’s only sense of direction is “towards the mall.”

Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale

Cheryl Blossom is arguably the most well-dressed in Riverdale, as she always seems to have a knack for looking good even with murders going on in Riverdale. The redhead is known for her signature red hair and red lipstick, always incorporating something red into her outfits. Cheryl’s sense of style is often a gothic-glam look, often mixing red and black together and wearing lace and veils once in a while in dark situations.

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