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6 Simple Tips To Make 2019 Your Most Productive Year

2019 is here and it's the year to turn things around and put yourself into high gear. No more putting things on hold or making empty promises, it's time to put your best self forward, to turn plans into action and to make 2018 seem mediocre.

Whether in your personal life, work life, or family life, productivity can make all the difference in how successful you are this year. However, productivity is often a struggle for most people. In the short term we generally set goals, we strive to attain them, and then we either do or don't. But what about maintaining our productivity throughout the year so we can achieve better long term results?

Over the years, I think I've perfected becoming the most productive I can - consistently. Whether it's in my career, with close relationships or personal growth, I always strive to lead a more productive life so I can feel more satisfied and accomplished at the end of the day. And with the new year in full swing I thought, why not share my top tips to being my most productive. So today, that's exactly what I'm going to do - In order to help you make the most of your 2019 and live a more fulfilled life, here are my 6 simple tips to help you be more productive.

Make mornings focused on YOU time.

Mornings can be hectic. Usually they're a time of day where you're scurrying around the house looking for your keys, chugging your morning coffee, rapidly swiping through Instagram and running out the door last minute.

One of the greatest pieces of advice that I got last year to really enhance my productivity was to wake up earlier and take my time in the mornings. Mornings are a great time of day to really center yourself and set the tone for the rest of the day. It's a time to reflect and think, "What do I want from today?" "What plans do I have for today?" and "How can I plan this out to be the most productive?". Taking the time to unpack the day while sipping your coffee (or tea!) is great for making your day more productive. So set that alarm for 6AM and watch how efficient you'll become.

Take the time to get ready.

For me, getting ready is a critical part of my day. It's the moment where I feel most myself. Where I can put myself together and decide how I want to take on the day. Whether it be by completing my skincare routine, straightening my hair, applying my favourite lipstick or choosing an outfit, putting effort into how I want to look makes me feel more put together and ready to conquer the day. Although this will differ for each person, trying to build a routine of prepping yourself at some point in the morning will is a tactic worth trying to be more productive.

Make physical fitness a priority.

The gym is really my safe haven for pushing through negative barriers in my mind and coming up with creative solutions. Every time I hop off the treadmill I feel invincible and that I can take on anything thrown my way - mentally and physically. It might sound silly because the gym is known for its physical benefits but it can actually have a lot of mental and emotional benefits as well. In fact I would argue that I am my most happiest and most productive when I've incorporated some form of exercise into my day.

For 2019, I highly suggest making a resolution to get more active. Thankfully when it comes to incorporating physical fitness into your daily routine, you don't always need to have a gym - you can take long walks, go to a dance class with a friend or even spend half an hour doing yoga. Energizing your body will help energize your mind.

Invest in productivity tools.

Although tools to enhance productivity aren't a necessity, they are a nice boost to keep you motivated and to take the extra step towards a more productive lifestyle. For example, take a calendar, although I have a calendar on my phone and computer, I really enjoy having a giant paper calendar on my desk that I can use to mark down important dates and events. Having some sort of visualization helps me understand what I need to prioritize, how my week looks, and how I can stay on top by being productive. Other tools like fun pencils and pens to inspire writing or an Apple watch that reminds you of specific tasks can make being productive easier - and more fun!

Personally, I love browsing Indigo, Anthropologie or Nordstrom for cute stationary items or gadgets. I'm currently obsessed with Kikki.K Leather Planners, Saddle Ring Desk Collection, and The Perfect Planner Notepad.

Plan breaks.

Some of us are work hounds (myself being one). We like to fill our schedules, talk about how busy we are, and sip on our 3rd cup of black coffee at 10AM. But long gone are the days where being busy all the time is cool or fun.

In 2019 we're being more productive by taking the very necessary breaks to refresh and restart. Whether you need a weekend getaway without your phone (been there) or a whole week me-cation (done that), taking time to yourself is the best way to ensure you don't burn out. That you don't get overwhelmed and start half ass-ing work. Take your time to detach from work and watch your return more attentive and more productive than ever before.

Discover boundaries.

Like taking breaks, understanding your boundaries and what you can take on is critical to how productive you can be. As an example, let's say you have 5 big events coming up for the week. On top of that you work 9AM-5PM and you have 2 projects due in the same time span. Taking the time to map out how long the 2 projects will take you and how long each event will run for and what is needed for each can help you determine if it's even possible. If the 2 projects are a lot of work, you need to set boundaries. Missing 1 of the 5 events won't kill you, in fact it can save you. You're mental health is much more important.

For 2019 aim to map out your schedule and set boundaries of what you can take on and what you can't so you don't end up overwhelming yourself. It's all about discovering yourself and how you can adjust your schedule to be your most productive and happiest.

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