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The Top Resolutions For 2019 And How To Attain Them

It’s out with the old and in with the new. 2019 is officially in full swing and it’s time to start fresh and see if you can stick with your resolutions. If you're still struggling on finding one, don’t worry; we’re here to help. Today we’re sharing our top resolutions and how you can attain them.

Get organized.

This applies to anything from cleaning your room to setting a daily schedule. It’s time to declutter everything and organize your surroundings; you’d be surprised at how much a clean and spacious environment can boost your mood and productivity. When you’re out shopping, consider picking up a planner from your local bookstore. Writing down plans and ideas on paper is a lot more effective in keeping track of your schedule and prioritizing tasks as opposed to just jotting it down in the notes app of your phone - which, let’s be honest, you’re bound to forget.

​Drink more water.

I don’t really need to explain this one. Stay hydrated. Your body will thank you.

​Read more.

Growing up, you were probably encouraged to read as much as you can. This is because reading provides many benefits, including knowledge and vocabulary expansion, memory improvement, stronger analytical skills, etc. We all have busy schedules, but for 2019 it’s time to make room for growth; try to leave half an hour of reading time before bed each night.

​Start putting yourself first.

Personally, one of my flaws is that I often put other peoples’ needs and feelings before my own, which only led to me getting hurt in the end. While it’s great to care for others, taking care of yourself is just as important, if not more important. Sometimes you just have to be selfish for your own good because you’re just as important as everyone else.

​Let go of those toxic relationships.

Whether it was a relationship with a lover or a friend, if you were being mistreated, let it go and leave it in the past. Life is short, so surround yourself with people who actually appreciate you and treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Even if you miss that person, you had your time with them and now it’s time to move on and meet better people. Bad hookups? Fake friends? We’re so over it.

​Stop holding onto anger and grudges.

Another thing I’m guilty of. As someone who is quite short-tempered, I get angry and frustrated quite easily and it often gets the better of me. By now, multiple people have told me that in the end, the only one it holds back and gets burned is me. And they’re right. Sometimes you just have to learn to bite your tongue. Don’t give people or things that power and let it go.

​Challenge yourself by setting goals.

If you didn’t get to achieve your goals last year, now’s the chance to pursue them. Step out of your comfort zone and start tackling objectives. This can include starting a new creative project or picking up a new hobby that you intend to incorporate into your weekly schedule. Take the risk and accept any opportunity provided to you.

​Break that bad habit.

Do you bite your nails a lot? Are you always late for work? Whatever bad habits you have, ditch them because they’re not doing you any good.

​Save your money.

While it may be tempting to shop whenever you see the word “Sale!,” 2019 is the year to be logical. Stop and ask yourself if you really need to buy that. Think about all the hours and hard work you do during the week. Of course, you deserve to spend every penny you make, but wisely. Take into consideration your future investments and evaluate your spending habits. Do you really need that cute blouse from ZARA or would you rather save up for your own car?

​Understand that everything happens for a reason.

Whether you believe in fate or not, everything happens for a reason. Even if the situation isn’t ideal, 2019 is the year to learn to accept that sometimes there’s just nothing you can do to change the outcome and that it is what it is. That’s life. But don’t let that bring you down; for the New Year, I believe things will get better and the odds will be in your favour.​

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