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The Top Anti-Aging Secrets For All Ages

When you hit your mid 20’s and suddenly have the urge to invest in some high-quality skincare products, it’s probably because you’re quickly realizing those dark circles won’t disappear as fast as they did when you were 18 years old. Although dermatologists have yet to invent an immediate dark circle eraser there are ways to speed up the process of eliminating signs of aging. It’s important to pay attention to how we treat our skin as we age, especially before it becomes too late to reverse aging symptoms. The good news is that there are a few simple steps you can take to amplifying your skincare regimen, as well as modifying your daily lifestyle habits to create effective anti-aging practices.

In this article, we’ve already done the research on products that are essential to skincare and the anti-aging process. And before you roll your eyes in disbelief that you can delay the aging process, The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reported that it is entirely possible to delay skin aging, and that with the use of selected nutritional supplements, it’s also possible to improve current skin conditions. We may not be able to guarantee that you’ll look 20 years younger, but we know that these supplements will indeed work and cannot cause harm to your skin no matter how old you are—so we’re recommending a few products and tips that will work for everyone.

Learn to love SPF

Make sure you’re using sunscreen every day, sometimes even multiple times a day should you feel the need to re-apply. Even on the coldest days in Toronto using SPF 30-50 will keep you looking younger. The sun rays can be damaging to your youthful skin, especially when you least expect it and think you’re protected with the sun hiding behind the clouds. SPF will do more wonders than a serum, cream, or supplement.

Daily Supplements

After starting off your day with a good SPF product, apply a serum that will help retain moisture in your skin throughout the day. Moisture is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your skin is always satisfied and rejuvenated. Our favourite serum is a hyaluronic acid, such as this one by The Ordinary. It’s mixed with B5 for enhanced hydration and it’s a great little miracle worker that you’ll want to lather on twice daily.

A great antioxidant serum with ingredients such as Vitamin C and E is also essential to use once or twice a day. A Vitamin C serum will protect your skin during the day, and should also be used carefully around the eye area. Your skin is delicate in areas such as the eyes and forehead and can benefit from the collagen-building aspects of vitamin C. These serums have been suggested to help brighten dark circles, improve hydration and firm skin where creases may form.

A good moisturizer can be very beneficial to use on top of your SPF and serums as well—make sure to pick out one that is right for your skin. If you need extra hydration, look for a cream made for dry skin. If you have oily skin, go for a light gel. Oil is great for your skin, but too much or too little of it can have negative effects such as clogging pores, therefore your skin type has a lot to do with the product you choose. If you have combination or normal skin, a great place to start is with a moisturizer like Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream. It’s worth every penny and checks off all the “magic” ingredients on our list such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and BioNymph Peptide Complex.

A Nightly Routine

On top of a daily morning routine, you should make sure you have a nighttime skincare regimen that includes a couple essential products. Applying an age-reversing cream or serum in the evening will bring you 10 steps closer to young, supple skin overnight. A good retinol or peptide product have both been proven to regulate cells and influence collagen production—which is exactly what it takes to achieve younger looking skin.

Both products are ideal but if you are 30 or older, focus on retinoids for their strength and growth factor, while 30 or younger can opt for just a peptide cream. Retinoids are harsh and drying if your skin is not used to it, so you should start with a subtle solution before giving your skin the advanced products. We’re really into The Ordinary’s Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalene because it offers great results without the irritation that comes with a concentrated retinol solution. (This isn’t sponsored, we just love the brand!) Use these types of supplements at night a few times a week, but be aware that you need to use an SPF in the morning after every use as they consist of harsh chemicals. Sunscreen will protect skin from burning due to these strength of these solutions!

Make sure you invest in a good cleanser for makeup removal at the end of the day. Never skip makeup removal despite its tedious process! Maybe even take a break from makeup from time to time—you’ll see healthy changes to your skin in just a few days. Finally, use a heavier cream moisturizer at night to ensure that your skin stays hydrated for the long 6-8 hours while you sleep.

A White Smile is Key

Don’t forget about your teeth! This is an ultimate anti-aging secret—make sure to rinse your mouth with water immediately after eating and drinking to reduce staining. Coffee and red wine are huge dark beverage offenders against clean white teeth. And of course, keep brushing twice daily and flossing. You’d be surprised at how young a person can look when they keep their smile healthy.

Lifestyle Habits to Consider.

Bedtime: A humidifier can work wonders for keeping skin hydrated throughout the night. Try to sleep on your back instead of your cheeks, and why not invest in some silky smooth pillowcases? Skin is sensitive and can become irritated when you least expect it. A comfortable sleep will ensure that you sleep longer and better, and sleep is ultimately one of the best tips we can give for long-term healthy skin. Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep.

Nutrition: Add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet because it’s nature’s greatest gift for supple skin! Eat high in anti-oxidants and good fats, and avoiding sugar and processed foods. And of course, make sure to drink water throughout the day—if you’re feeling thirsty, it’s highly likely that your skin is dehydrated and thats a big skincare no-no. Another essential lifestyle tip that will help take care of your skin is to try reducing, or if possible, completely cutting off toxic substances such as alcohol & smoking.

All these steps are extremely important in taking care of your skin. Cleanse, treat, and protect your skin every morning and every evening, and make sure you’re being mindful about the lifestyle choices you make. And there you have it—our anti-aging secrets.

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