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Every Bod Is a Summer Bod: 5 Tips to Embracing Your Body Exactly The Way It Is

Let’s face it—for most of us, it can be difficult feeling totally prepared to put on a bikini when the heat rolls in this time of year. Sometimes even a cute pair of shorts or a strappy dress can cause anxiety for the most confident people, so if you have moments when you feel down about your body, just know you’re not alone!

It’s important to keep in mind that summer should be about having fun, trying new things, making the most of the long days, and spending time with those who make you happy.

But sometimes, even while we try to convince ourselves that our body should not define our summer, it can be hard to change a mindset if we don’t take action. In this article we’ve come up with a few steps that you can incorporate into your daily routine to help shift a negative mindset and make you feel better about your body exactly the way it is.

Soothe your mind with water

As we likely all know, water has a plethora of benefits on the physical body, but did you know it can also calms nerves, helps de-stress, and releases anger or frustration? Now imagine if we drank plenty of water throughout the day. It doesn't seem like a huge difference but it might help balance your mood, keeping you calm and collected, and ultimately boosting your confidence. If you find that you constantly have a negative outlook or feel like you always have low energy—hydration could be the key.

Social media cleanse

Have you ever taken a break from social media? If you have, you’ll know that it actually feels pretty great. But you don’t necessarily have to take a break from social media to avoid seeing models and unrealistic photos plastered all over your feed. A healthy mindset can easily be damaged from seeing so many travel photos, perfectly posed girls, and gym buffs in bikinis all over social media.

Go through your accounts, specifically Instagram, and unfollow photoshopped Instagram models and accounts that make you feel uneasy—that means anything that makes you feel like what they share is totally unattainable for you, or perhaps even if it makes you feel inadequate in any way.

Now you can follow girls who flaunt bodies like yours and share things that actually make you happy! In the past I’ve followed accounts whose social feed aren’t just a highlight reel. Following more accounts that are in line with your interests like art, sports, or tech can help you feel better and might even motivate you toward your passion. This is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to embracing your body and mind as it is.

Buy a cute bikini

Go out and buy yourself a cute bikini that you feel confident in! We love shopping at swimwear stores that only sell bathing suits because they’ll help you find the perfect fit that you’re guaranteed to feel super comfortable in. The most important rule is to find the one that gives you confidence. If revealing is not your thing, ask about their one-piece bathing suits or even a retro-style bikini that covers a lot more. It’s always more fun going bikini shopping when stores offer several styles and sizes made for every body shape. Our suggestions? Check out Aerie or The Bay, they’re always inclusive and have some great options for cut, color and style.

Get a Fresh Perspective With A Walk

If you’re a runner, by all means, keep going on those outdoor runs this summer! Walking, however, is super underrated. Whether you’re athletic or not, it’s necessary to make time for walks every day. Not only is it beneficial for your health and body, but also for your mind. Our bodies love Vitamin D, and getting a little bit of sunshine every day can make all the difference. Plus, fresh air never hurt anyone!

Start your day with some self-love

This seems very minor, but it can actually change your entire outlook on a day to day basis. Every day when you wake up, write down 3 things that you love about yourself. It doesn’t have to be physical appearance—it can be anything at all! You’d be surprised how a morning routine like this can set the scene for the entire day. A look in the mirror with a positive mindset could be all that’s missing.

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