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Fragrance Spotlight: How The 7 Virtues Brings Peace With Perfumes

If you’re looking for the perfect summer perfumes, The 7 Virtues may be your winner! Founder and CEO Barbara Stegemann first came up with the idea and concept of the Nova Scotia-based Canadian brand when her best friend, Captain Trevor Greene, was severely wounded while serving as a soldier in Afghanistan. Inspired by the tragedy, Stegemann created The 7 Virtues to support Afghanistan’s economy through the sourcing of organic, fair trade essential oils from countries experiencing turmoil - Afghanistan being one of the many.

After appearing on CBC’s Dragon’s Den and winning first place with her pitch, Stegemann was able to receive funding which led to the beginning of The 7 Virtues’ creation. The brand’s slogan is “Make Perfume, Not War,”addresses the brand’s mission to rebuild nations and society after war, inviting other businesses to trade with these impacted nations. Vegan and organic, the perfumes don’t contain harmful ingredients such as parabens and phthalates. Instead, they are made with natural essential oils from nations including Afghanistan, Haiti, The Middle East and Rwanda. Not to mention, the brand doesn’t test on animals a huge plus for animal lovers out there!

Barb Stegemann reached out to me personally and I was lucky enough to receive these lovely samples from her, where I got to learn the story behind the brand. After receiving the original Vanilla Woods perfume, I was also sent the Peace Blend Box along with the Patchouli Citrus, Orange Blossom, and Jasmine Neroli scents in rollerball form. Upon seeing these, I was astounded by the elegant yet simple packaging, and the scents blew me away!. Below, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on each of the products I was lucky enough to test out‍.


Available on 7 Virtues

Calm your senses with the classic scent of vanilla! This lovely fragrance is made with organic fair trade vanilla essential oil from Madagascar, with fresh notes of pear, rose, warm amber, and soft caramel. A sweet mixture that alleviates stress, Vanilla Woods is the perfect scent in helping you keep composed and feeling delicate as ever.

What I loved about this perfume was not only the sweet and decadent scent, but the bottle itself. The bottle encapsulated a beautiful yet simple design on the front, I was awestruck with the back of the perfume, where you can see through to the other side of the bottle and see brief words of what the scent is good for, giving it a more sentimental touch.

Photo via Instagram

PATCHOULI CITRUS (11ml Rollerball)

Available on 7 Virtues

A fun scent that will unleash your wild side, Patchouli Citrus is made with organic fair trade Patchouli essential oil sourced from Rwanda. With complementary notes of sweet peony and Rose Geranium, this zesty fragrance is topped with hints of Black Pepper, Peach, Bergamot, and a few other notes. This scent is great for reducing tension and boosting your mood, the perfect option to find your zen.

Photo via Instagram

ORANGE BLOSSOM (11ml Rollerball)

Available on 7 Virtues

Never to be left behind by Barb Stegemann herself when she goes out, Orange Blossom is a bright and refreshing scent that will leave you feeling warm inside. With Neroli natural essential oil from Afghanistan, this scent helps reduce anxiety and may even lull you to a more relaxing and peaceful sleep. With fresh Orange Blossom blended with hints of Mandarin, Bergamot, and Jasmine, you’ll be feeling brighter and kinder than ever when you wear this fragrance.

Photo via Instagram

JASMINE NEROLI (11ml Rollerball)

Available on 7 Virtues

With ethically sourced Jasmine essential oil from India, the Jasmine Neroli perfume will help you stay positive even during the toughest time. With a nice blend of Jasmine, Neroli, and Honeysuckle topped with other notes, this scent is also great when being used for meditation, and is just as comforting as drinking Jasmine tea itself.

Photo Via Instagram


Available on 7 Virtues

Last but not least, the Peace Blend Box. This beautiful box is a collection of small samples from the whole Peace perfume line. Each box contains a 1.7ml bottle of each scent of The 7 Virtues, including Orange Blossom, Rose Amber, Vetiver Elemi, Grapefruit Lime, Patchouli Citrus, Jasmine Neroli, and Vanilla Woods. Each with its own aromatherapy benefit, the Peace Blend Box is the perfect gift for a loved one, and is great for when you want to test all of the scents before deciding which full-sized fragrance is the best for you.

Scents in this collection range from Warm Floral to Fresh Citrus and Fruits, giving you a nice variety of scents that all help rejuvenate, calm, and lift your spirits. I loved the beautiful packaging of the Peace Blend Box in particular, as it is informative without too much going on. The box details the uses of the perfumes, along with a brief description of each scent’s origins and purpose.

All of the Peace perfumes can be found at The 7 Virtues website here, or can be found at your local Sephora store! As an eco-chic brand with potential, The 7 Virtues is proud to be part of the Clean at Sephora program.

The 7 Virtues has proved itself to be anything but your average perfume brand; this is a brand with a motive to help others and to rebuild broken societies in countries who went through turmoil. Stegemann has shown that business can be used for good change we wish to see in the world, and continues to motivate others with her entrepreneurial vision.

Aside from the successful launch of her perfumes and brand, Stegemann has also released a bestselling novel, “The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen,” which empowers women to work towards ending issues in war and poverty, fighting for equality, calling for the end of bullying, and more. Her story is also the subject of the film “Perfume War,” documenting the journey Stegemann goes through to carry on Captain Trevor Greene’s peace mission with her company as he recovers.

As beautiful as it is inspiring, The 7 Virtues is a brand that stands out from other generic brands, all thanks to the authenticity and brand’s genuine purpose in making a better change for the world.

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