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Get To Know Toronto’s Own Rising Country Star, Justin Tyler

Justin Tyler is a rising country singer reining from Toronto, Ontario. With over 45 thousand followers on Instagram and a single debut just around the corner, this blue-eyed platinum recording artist is about to steal the hearts of girls everywhere.

Q: How did Things get started for Justin Tyler?

A: I started doing music in grade seven-- I was a drummer in a rock band. We played in a talent show and then won it. Then, in high school I was a drummer in a different band. There were about three or four big High School bands in Toronto and we were one of them, so, we played a bunch of shows around the city. Finally, after putting in lots of work, we got a call to be on this show in Montreal called “Can Your School Rock?” The show was similar to American Idol but for bands that were under 18. We ended up passing the audition phase and getting on the show and ultimately winning for Toronto. It was during that time period that I realized I loved the spotlight and wanted to be a singer so, I left the band and stopped drumming in order to pursue singing even though I didn’t know how to do it very well.

Q: When was it that you noticed things were really starting to take off for you?

A: Once I decided to abandon drumming and switch to singing, I started a Youtube channel and posted some covers. The second cover I ever did was an Alyssa Reid song and it was actually picked up by Z103’s Summer Rush concert at Canada’s Wonderland to be played cover in front of a big audience before Alyssa Reid’s performance. When my cover came on the crowd went wild. So, it was then that I realized people actually knew who I was, this gave me motivation to keep doing covers. Eventually, I wrote an original song with my buddy Brett who I still work with today. The first time I performed was on breakfast television and I killed the performance, so, from there I continued doing music and would write and produce for other artists. I worked with writers and producers like The Maven Boys, Boi-1da and others. Then, I started doing Instagram covers and eventually met with a guy named Gabe Gallucci who heard my first single and thought it was a smash so he decided to produce it and now here we are, working on an album.

Q: If I could book you for any venue tomorrow, what would your dream venue be?

A: No question, it would be the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. I was there a couple of months ago and just found that the vibe there is so amazing. The history that you can feel in the room is indescribable. I don’t care if it can only fit a couple of thousand people I just find the place incredible.

Q: Who are your musical inspirations?

A: I really like Thomas Rhett. Sam Hunt kind of got me into country, Keith Urban is great. I also like Garth Brooks in the way he performs, I find he’s a great entertainer.

Q: Tell me about your song writing process? Are you lyric driven or does the melody come to you first?

A: The melody always comes to me first but the way that I write songs is: I write the melody and then the lyrics and melody kind of flow together into one. So usually, what will happen is a chord will get played either on the guitar or piano and then I sing the lyrics and melody at the same time—it kind just comes to me and then I’ll work off of that. So it all happens at once over some basic chords. As far as the lyrics go, I prefer always writing the verses before the chorus, that way when the chorus comes, I have something to base it off.

Q: You’ve got quite a following on social media, what kind of comments do you get from fans?

A: Mostly comments about how they love my voice and song requests. Also asking me to come visit them in their hometown. Or about my blue eyes—I got a lot of comments about that.

Q: You have a new single coming out and you haven’t really talked about it up until this point, is there anything you can tell us about it?

A: I can’t really spoil anything yet without getting my left arm chopped off, but, what I can tell you is it’s the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life and everybody who has heard the song inside the industry and outside the industry says it’s incredible. Even my friends who don’t like country music say that they will blast the song in their car and won’t turn it off of repeat. So, I can tell you that it’s going to be amazing.

Q: Now, I know it’s hard to look past your first single because it’s very exciting but the summer is coming up, what does summer 2018 hold for Justin Tyler?

A: I am working on an album right now, so I am hoping to have that out by the summer. I’m hoping to play a few shows around the city, maybe some festivals. The best part about this is, we’re doing it independently, so, I can put a song out whenever I want without having to worry about a label saying “no”. We’re free to do whatever we want and I have a great team of people behind me and together we are going to change the way that country music is distributed and seen by the world.

Rapid Fire!!

1. Leafs or Jays? Leafs

2. Netflix and sweats all day or 9-9 at the studio? 9-9 at the studio

3. Pizza or burgers? Burgers

4. Tim Hortons or Dunkin’ Donuts? Dunkin’ Donuts

5. Cats or dogs? Dogs

6. Boxers or briefs? Briefs

7. The bar or drinks at home? The bar

8. Beach or ski vacation? Beach

9. Johnny Cash or Keith Urban? Keith Urban

10. Oprah or Ellen? Ellen

It is no secret that Justin Tyler is on a pathway to success. The energetic 25-year-old kept me smiling the entire interview with his down-to-earth and humorous personality. Justin regularly posts covers on his Instagram and says he will continue to do so leading up to the release of his album. We wish Justin the best of luck on his journey—even though we know he won’t need it.

For more on Justin Tyler you can follow him on Instagram here, Twitter here, or Facebook here

This article was written by Feature Writer Jennie, for more on Jennie click here.

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