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How To Go Blonde (Without Completely Killing Your Hair)

There are a plethora of things we should give thanks to the earlier generations for; the arrival of boy bands, the introduction of selfies in front of the mirror, Myspace and of course the infamous bleached hair. And we’re not referring to those awe-inspiring, platinum blonde locks that can only be produced by a skilled colorist at the salon.

Instead, we’re talking about teenage hair that went from black, to orange, to yellow in a matter of minutes using bleach and peroxide, in the hopes of resembling icons like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Thank God that era is well behind us all. Today, our hair is delicately colored by the best of hands, at the safety of our neighborhood salons. You can now go blonde without sweating too much, keeping a set of rules to follow religiously by your side.

So if you happen to be fascinated into curbing your way into a blonde hair affair, we are your guide to doing it right, with the least amount of damage of course.

Learn to be realistic

Going blonde is a complete transformation and to carry out this mega change, your hair will be damaged no matter what. After all, it is either bleach or peroxide that’s going to alter the tone to a lighter color.

It’s important to understand that once you’ve made that decision, stick to it. Expect a little coarseness and dry texture to come along the process. And remember, the darker your original hue is, the denser your hair’s texture, the harsher the chemical required to bring it to that platinum level.

Take a step back from Google

Aren’t we all surrounded by hacks of the internet? Sites promoting to get your hair dyed blonde in a mere number of dollars are some good examples of things to steer clear from.

When it comes to things like bleaches and hair dyes, you pay for what you get. And that means the higher the price, the better the quality and the lower the risk of damage. These bleaches in turn present with additives that help preserve your hair’s health. So be prepared to invest to get the best.

Hire a great colorist

Especially for those who are dye virgins, it’s essential to find the best colorist in the vicinity. Whether it’s through reviews online or word of the mouth feedback from those near to you, getting the best colorist will ensure dramatic results and that too without any damage. After all, they’re in demand for a reason.

Also, the best colorist uses the best products and that’s why they tend to be more expensive than the rest. Trust us when we say platinum blonde tresses are a true investment for those who wish to get it done correctly.

Learn to care for your hair

Hair conditioning is ever so important, both before bleaching and after bleaching. Opt for hair masks that you can put on dry hair, about a week before and after the appointment. They provide the best deep conditioning benefits and there’s nothing like it!

Remember ladies, the darker the hue as well as curlier and coarser the texture, the greater the level of hair conditioning required. And if you're looking for hair masks to try, here are some of our top recommendations for bleached hair:

Mark the date

Get yourself organized with calendars for marking your touchup dates ASAP! It’s crucial to book your next appointment about a good 4 to 6 weeks from your current visit. And don’t wait long as you’re at risk of root outgrowths that resemble bands of various hues. That means you require a complete or full-on bleach treatment for its correction.

Nobody ever said going blonde would come cheap. It’s all about planning ahead and taking out the time, money and effort to go about getting a hairstyle you’ll cherish for days.

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