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Making All Sizes Sparkle This Holiday Season; An Interview With Roxy Earle.

(Image: @lechateau)

Ever since Designer, Real Housewife and Founder of the “My Size Rox” movement Roxy Earle launched her debut Roxy X Le Chateau collection last summer it’s been making valiant strides. Introduced as the first label to house women's sizes 0 to 22 under the same roof with consistent quality and pricing it’s been driving awareness and starting conversations about critical issues in the fashion industry

This is why we were so excited to hear that this past month Roxy had debuted another capsule collection with Le Chateau for the Holiday's. Featuring a range of elegant and relaxed looks, it’s a collection that Roxy says “will have every woman feeling her most glamorous” - a concept we can totally get behind. With its recent launch in-stores an online, we thought it only fitting to sit down with the Designer herself for a one on one interview. To discover more about the monumental movement she’s created and all the details on her Holiday 2018 collection with Le Chateau, keep on reading.

NJ: First, I think we have to talk about the huge movement that you’re creating with your fashion label. I was at your launch party in the Summer when you debuted your first collection and I found your speech to be really moving. Having women from size 0-22 shop in the same store and not have to compromise quality, price or selection is monumental. How do you feel about adding to this movement and really creating a big platform for people of all sizes to be recognized?

RE: I love the fact that you use the word monumental because I sometimes don't think people see what a big step this is, which is making people feel more included in fashion. This collection is the ultimate inclusion in fashion, we’re literally saying, you no longer need some special store. Which, by the way, is usually out of the way, never glam and never on the main floor of a mall or on a high street.

Here’s the thing, there are a lot of girls caught between a cross size. For example, between a 12 a 14 and a 16. Now, they fit in some conventional sizing but sometimes they don’t which can be challenging when they haven’t identified themselves as “plus size”. Putting on a pair of jeans, they don’t know why the jeans don’t fit them. They don’t know that they’re supposed to go to a plus size store just to find a jean that actually fits. What happens then, is they start wearing the things that don't fit them. They’re essentially left out of fashion, isolated by someone labelling them as what you need to be.

I just want to abolish that label, I want people to feel included across the board. I do feel really proud that the “My Size Rox” movement has ignited - not just social change and interaction and conversation but actual business change. I am the case study in Canada now that size 0-22 sells in one store, at the same price point and in the same styles and selection as smaller sizing. For larger sizes, you don’t see these types of clothes in those stores. I’m wearing Metallic Knit Halter Neck Jumpsuit. You don’t see that usually for girls that are a bigger size. If a girl that is size 2 gets to be fashionable and fashion forward, why shouldn’t I be able to?

I am also proud that all girls that have access to these pieces will be able to shop at the same price point, because often plus size clothing is priced more expensively. Usually, if a T-shirt in the smaller sizing is $29.99 that same t-shirt will be $59.99 in plus size because it’s argued you need that much more fabric. I haven't done that. I thought all of that when I was designing the collection. I don’t believe in pricing things differently.

NJ: Yeah, I think that’s what I love most about your line is that you’ve kind of standardized price point and quality across the range of sizes that you offer.

RE: Yeah I mean who wants to hear “it costs more for all the extra fabric!”. It’s shaming. I know what my body is like and I think it’s beautiful so I don’t need all of these endless reinforcements that it’s not. I don’t need the world constantly telling me you're not good enough because of your body. And that's what happens when you start drawing these lines like “this is the standard and anything above that - well that's just special because you're not normal.”

NJ: Looking through the look book for Holiday 2018 I noticed a lot of glitz and glam, with the sequins, the black and silver fabrics, even faux fur trimming. What was the inspiration behind your Holiday 2018 collection?

RE: I always want glamorous clothes in my own life. Last year during the holiday season, I didn't have access to fabulous clothes that I could wear to gala’s, holiday parties, media events or vacations because they didn’t come in my size. Truly I designed a wardrobe that is my dream wardrobe for the Holidays. These are the clothes I want to wear to the events I go to. I actually wore one of my sequined pieces to a Vanity Fair party - that's a very high profile party and you know what, everyone was like “I love your dress, I love your dress”, so it was nice to hear that my clothes stand up to the best. In addition, last night I wore my Sequined Wide Leg Jumpsuit, today I'm wearing my Metallic Knit Halter Neck Jumpsuit because I’ll go to dinner tonight. These are the clothes that I was missing and so the inspiration was fashion. Fashion is always my inspiration, glamorous women are always my inspiration. Putting emphasis on the fact that glamour does not come in a certain size. My inspiration was to let girls of all sizes sparkle and shine with this collection. Figuratively, metaphorically, emotionally, physically, all sizes will sparkle this Holiday season.

(Image: @lechateau)

NJ: Yeah, I completely agree. I actually saw your Instagram post on your puffer jacket that you created because last year you couldn’t find one.

RE: Yeah, thats a pretty cool story. One day I was walking around and shopping and thinking “this is so crazy”; I’ve gone shopping almost everywhere, I have the money to spend and there is not one winter coat that fits me. All of these stores and I can’t find anything. I’m not that big, I’m not some crazy X size that no one is, I’m the average size of every American woman, so that was a big wakeup call.

This season, I have three fabulous coats; two gorgeous wool jackets and a puffer coat in amazing colours and faux fur trim and detail. For me, it’s like, why shouldn’t you have light pink and grey options? You honestly can't find that stuff in bigger sizes and when you do it’s a boring black version.

NJ: Another thing that I noticed and loved about your collection - which I think some brands miss out on - is the ability to create full looks. Everything down to the accessories. Anyone from sizes 0-22 can just come in and really build a wardrobe. Was that your goal/intent with these collections?

RE: Yes, so I have a girl in mind for my collection and I want it to be that one-stop shop for her. Funny enough I found that in my clothes women don’t just buy one piece they buy like 6 pieces from the collection - because if these clothes fit you or if this your price point and aesthetic then you’re my girl. There's nothing on the market like it at that price point.

I knew it was important for the girl to be able to have the full look - she can get a pair of leather pants and a sweater for the weekend and also an event dress. Paired with our boots and a matching purse - she’ll have that whole look

(Image: @lechateau)

NJ: I know all of the pieces in your collections are like your babies so this might be an impossible question but do you have a favourite?

RE: It’s true, they really are. With that said, I actually do. I think the Sequined and Mesh Gown. The silver one, that’s pretty spectacular. I already had a set of bridesmaids buy it and a few winter brides buy it. There is just nothing like it at that price point.

With my pieces, I worked really hard to get that quality for such a great price point. We went through 500 swatches of sequin to get that exact sequin. I knew going into it that I wanted something lightweight, a sequin that stretched but that didn’t itch your arms. As I’m sure you’ve felt, when you wear sequins it cuts the edge of your arm if the fabric isn’t good quality, so I really wanted to avoid that. That sequined piece is really spectacular. Girls are just killing it in that dress

Whats actually really great about my collection is that it isn’t just for curvy girls. Girls who are buying my clothes are across the board sizes 0-22. Which to me was a real win. I went into this thinking, maybe it’ll just be the curvy girls who will like this style, but to know that my clothes stand up to other options on the market for even just a size 6 girl, is really incredible. They’re just as good, which is why I say, this collection is the ultimate inclusion in fashion.

To shop the Roxy Earle X Le Château Holiday 2018 collection click here.

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