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PatBo Spring 2021: Acqua

Retro and fluidly feminine is how I would describe PatBo’s Spring 21 collection, Acqua.

Acqua, pays homage to the brand’s roots featuring bold prints and intricate hand embroidery. These and the beading are a symbol of empowerment for local Brazilian artisans, their skill, and craftsmanship preserved through the collection. The most prominent example of this can be seen in the gorgeous gold bralette. The piece took two days to create, with each pearl and seashell intentionally placed and meticulously sewed on.

Inspired by the movement of water, it also features a hand-drawn retro seashell print. The collection embraces a color palette of pastel tones and bold prints, embroidered and netted details, and delicate beading. Each element representing the fluidity of water combined with lace and silk fabrics creating an airy feel. We’re in for a new generation of beach dresses.

Every look is incredible, although if I were to pick a favorite, it would be the off-white set. The set may seem out of place being the only one boasting its features, but it perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the collection, and show-stopping on its own. PatBo has gracefully morphed puffed sleeves and frilly skirts - a summer staple this year- into a spring must-have. Reminiscent of beachy days and hope for the future the collection truly stands out among regular spring pastels.