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Surviving A New School Year

A new school year is always something to get excited about. It's the beginning of a new chapter, to venture into the unknown, meet new people and experience new learnings. However for some of us, the idea of entering a new school year can be a scary thought - especially if your heading into your first year of university or college.

As graduates and veterans of both high school and undergrad, we've learned some things along the way. Whether you're interested in making new friends or staying on top of your studies, here are our top tips to move through school with ease.

Be Prepared

Whether you're entering a new classroom or a whole new school, it's important to come prepared so you know what you're walking into. Syllabuses and time tables are everything. Make sure you understand what classes you have and all the materials you'll need to succeed in them. Coming prepared is the first step to succeeding and ensuring you don't fall behind when it comes to studies.

In addition if you're starting college for the first time, get familiar with the campus. Take a look at a map and where you're classes will be - having a route or an idea of where you'll be spending your day will bring some ease to an otherwise hectic day.

Get Involved

One of the biggest regrets during my time in school was not getting involved in more extracurriculars. Whether high school or university, schools usually offer a ton of activities that allow you to bond with peers who have an interest in the same subject. In university I honestly had a ton of friends join sororities, sports and even gaming clubs that left them with long lasting friendships.

Connect With Your Professors

School can be overwhelming to say the least. I remember in university taking 5 classes that were all so different but equally as challenging and feeling anxious within the first week of assignments. From that experience the number one piece of advice I can give is to talk to your professors and build a professional relationship to create transparency. If you cant finish a report on time or you need more clarification on a project, connecting with professors or teachers can help big time and can provide you with amazing references down the line (trust us you'll need those in the workforce).

Set Boundaries

In school, it can be easy to take on more than we can handle and run with it until we burn out. Although you want to do everything while you're in school like learning, meeting new people, joining teams, going out on weekends, and then some, it's important to take breaks when needed and set some time aside to unwind and relax.

Have a weekend off? Instead of hitting up your neighbours party until 3am and feeling lethargic and hung over the next day, try having a relaxing night in. Draw a bath and grab a book. Your body and mind will thank you later.

Go To Class

This step may seem self-explanatory or common knowledge, but trust me when I say, there are going to be times in school where you're going to want to skip out on class to either hang out with friends, sleep in, or even just stay at home binge-watching that show that ends on a cliff hanger every episode (I'm looking at you Good Girls).

No matter how tempting it may be to skip out on a lecture (even if it's just one) each class will generally have some piece of knowledge on an exam or test. In some of my classes I even experience "pop-quiz's" with digital clickers which counted for a portion of your overall grade. Think of it this way, you're probably spending over $5,000 to be in school, so you might as well show up.

Take It Day By Day

School isn't always going to be easy. You're going to have good days and you're going to have bad days, the idea is to not let the bad days get the best of you. Enjoy your time in school, relax and make it a priority to learn and make meaningful connections. Trust me when I say, the time you spend in school will be some of the best times of your life - so relish it.

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